Choosing The Right Virgin Coconut Oil

Find out what characteristics of taste, smell and texture an amazing, delicious and wonderful Organic Virgin Coconut Oil should have.

Our Organic Raw Materials

Our coconuts come from the pristine shores of a tropical island in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic.

The DME Process

The purest Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from the most delicate process that respects the nature within the coconut.

Our Certifications And Why They Matter

We work hard to make the purest Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and we can prove it. In this section you can read all about the certifications.

The Right Fair Trade Program

We exist thanks to the hard work of our artisans. They make our product truly great and for that we are proud and thankful.

Meet The Artisans

Every artisan of our company is important to us and their stories and dreams are our inspiration and drive. Here they are.

Our Amazing Story

It's been a long road since the day we started this company. Every single day we work to empower the artisans that make this dream possible. Here is how we started.