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Another Caribbean Staple, perfected with SoloCoco It's always fun to give traditional Caribbean cooking  a SoloCoco twist!  In the Dominican Republic, these are called tostones.  I love to make these.  SoloCoco gives them a spectacular depth of taste.  In the US, you can find plantains at  Whole Foods and some latin grocers such as Sedanos. Ingredients and Supplies: 1 Thermometer (we like this one!) 1 Small Bunch Flat Leaf Parsley 1 Small Bunch Thick Green Scallions 1 Lime (Squeezed) 2 Green Plantains, Peeled 3 Cloves Garlic 1 Squasher (you can use two small plates if you cant find a squasher) 1/2 Cup Coconut Vinegar 1 Cup + 2 Tablespoons SoloCoco Coconut Oil     Steps: 1. Chop up your garlic, and slice your plantains into one-inch slices. 2.   Add one cup of SoloCoco Coconut Oil to a small, deep saucepan.  The smaller your saucepan, the less oil you need to use.  You want to have

For Someone That Needs A Little Pampering Ingredients: 1 cup of SoloCoco Coconut Oil 1.5 cups of sugar Zest from one lime Lime oil ​ Steps: Combine coconut oil, sugar and lime zest. Mix well. Add 7 drops of lime oil and stir. Store in a SoloCoco empty jar.