A Haven for Working, Single Mothers

We have over 40 single mom's at our production facility. They are very friendly and hard working, and have become experts at their craft. We are extremely proud of these ladies and we know you'd like to meet some of them. They benefit directly from you purchase through the excellent Fair TSA program.

Yocasta Solano

Madre Soltera, 33 años, 3 hijos.

Gladis Foster

Madre Soltera, 21 años, 1 hijo

Wendy Carolina Emilio

Madre Soltera, 27 años, 6 hijos

Aura Guerrero

Madre Soltera, 37 años. 5 hijos

These are just some of our ladies.   We’ll continue to introduce more of them to you in the  next few days. Special thanks to our Mom and Aunt, Angelita Casals for the authentic photography.

Want to know more about Angelita Casals work?

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