FairTSA, the right Fair Trade Program

From its inception SoloCoco has worked diligently with FairTSA to achieve a truly exemplary level of Fair Trade. It is heartening to see companies like SoloCoco combining a viable economic enterprise with a passion for the social and environmental aspects of their endeavor. SoloCoco is a working model of how economic activities can be transformed and serve the well-being of all involved.

Dr. Winfried Fuchshofen

Director Fair TSA

How Does Your Purchase Help Our Artisans?

When you purchase a one a jar of SoloCoco, a portion of that money goes directly into a social development program that directly assists all of the workers directly involved in the production chain.  This includes the farmers and producers.

The FairTSA organization has a deep passion for sustainable community development.  It works under rigorous standards for accountability and sustainability. We chose FairTSA as our Fair Trade standard because unlike most, FairTSA includes those that work in the process and not just the farmers in its program. This was most important to us, as we wanted to make sure that our single mothers were going to benefit from the vision that we have.  Through FairTSA, this has become a reality.

Social Development Programs

Best of all, the social programs are designed and selected by the workers themselves.  As a community, our workers meet and decide where these funds are needed most.  It is a wonderful program that we’ll hope you support by making your purchase. These programs were designed by our workers, for our workers.  The committee that designed and selected these programs is pictured below (left).  The funding for these programs comes directly from your purchase of our products and is completed in the order shown below.

#1 The Co-Pay Fund

The first program selected by our workers was the establishment of a copay fund. We provide health care coverage to our workers. However, they often need help with out of pocket medical expenses. This fund is aimed at easing the expenses associated with health care.

2016 Goal of USD$5,000 0
2017 Goal 0

#2 The School Supplies Fund

The second program selected by our workers was the school supplies fund. This fund will serve the yearly purpose of provisioning school supplies (book, notebooks, pencils, shoes) for our worker’s families during the school year.

2016 Goal of USD$5,000 0
2017 Goal 0

#3 The English Enrichment Program

The third, longer term program, is the English enrichment center. Included in the plan is the building of a small classroom in San Pedro de Macorís. The primary purpose of the program is to give our workers and their children the opportunity and ongoing support to learn English and further increase their value in the local workforce.

2016 Goal of USD$20,000 0
2017 Goal 0

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