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Nature’s Finest Metabolism Booster

There are many great benefits to be had when consuming a very natural and unprocessed fat.  In particular, Virgin Coconut Oil has some properties that really set it apart.

One of these is the natural thermogenic effect it has on the body when it is consumed.  There is a lot of heavy science behind this that we won’t bore you with.  A thermogenic effects mean a slight increase in body heat and metabolism.  In general terms, a number of factors can produce this effect.  However, when consuming virgin coconut oil, the cause is very specific.

Virgin Coconut Oil is composed of over 50% Lauric Acid (in our tests, SoloCoco contains 51%).  Lauric Acid is a fantastic medium chain triglyceride (MCT).  It is one of the first sources of nourishment that human beings ingest via mother’s breast milk.

In our diets, we tend to consume much more Long Chain Triglycerides (LCT) than MCTs.  This is because the fats we commonly consume are almost exclusively composed of LCTs.

But is this the best fat balance?

Here is some of what the science says about MCTs:

  1. They are processed immediately in the liver, providing immediate energy to the body and brain.
  2. They are not stored very efficiently in the body.  This means they aren’t as easily converted into body fat.
  3. They produce a boost in metabolism of about 13% when consumed.

All of these facts are amazing to us, and they point to a really premier natural product.  The results of the studies suggest that modifying the balance of our fat consumption, we could get some serious cumulative calorie burning benefits!

In fact, here is a direct excerpt from the abstract:

Most animal studies have also demonstrated that the greater EE with MCFA relative to long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) results in less body weight gain and decreased size of fat depots after several months of consumption. 

We love this stuff!  Thanks for reading!


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