We Believe In Transparency

We offer maximum manufacturing transparency. This is because you deserve to know what you eat, how it was made, who made it and exactly what’s in it. We at SoloCoco believe in nurturing humanity healthily and these are crucial questions to ask of your daily diet.

We Do It Right

We've gained the most important international certifications from the highest caliber, global certifying bodies. This is important because it tells you the level of care and dedication that has gone into manufacturing our products; and gives you peace of mind about our ingredients and process.

Below you will find the full range of certifications that our oil and facility carries, along with direct links to the respective certifying bodies.

SoloCoco adheres to all of the regulations according to the USDA NOP Final Rule.  We keep all of our transactional certificates on record and will happily provide copies of our crop management and processing certificates on request.  This certification process was completed by Kiwa BCS Oko Garantie GmbH.

SoloCoco is part of the Non GMO Project. We Strongly believe that the food we consume is best as close as possible to its natural state. Nature has been providing the best source of nutrition for humanity, why mess with our biology? Our product has been verified by Food Chain ID.

HACCP Stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and is all about food safety, record keeping and traceability. We take hygiene very seriously at SoloCoco which is why we have regular HACCP training sessions for all of our specialists and crafters. We challenge you to find a cleaner tasting VCO! This certification process was completed by Kiwa BCS Oko Garantie GmbH.

Our products conform to the EU Standard for organic agriculture (DO-BIO-141 Dominican Republic Agriculture). This certification process was completed by Kiwa BCS Oko Garantie GmbH.

Kiwa BCS is  the number 1 for worldwide certification of organic products according to different standards.  Kiwa BCS certifies farmers and processing businesses in import and export worldwide.

 Choose The Right Coconut Oil

A simple guide about how to recognize the essential characteristics of a good quality Virgin Coconut Oil.

 Meet Our Team

We are just a few but together we make the best team ever. We dedicate our lives to see the communities we impact grow.


 Meet Our Artisans

Every worker of our company is important to us and their stories are our inspiration and drive. Here they are.