DME® Certified from the Creators of the Process

SoloCoco is a superb quality DME oil, crafted in a very clean, controlled and professional environment. The oil has a mild taste and aroma and I have seen the vigor and dedication of its producers first hand. SoloCoco gets a big thumbs up!

Dr. Dan Etherington

Inventor DME Process

Put Simply, What Makes Our Process Special?

We believe great quality VCO should taste and smell only slightly of coconut, should have a creamy and smooth texture, and should be appetizing straight from the jar.

Key Features Of Our Solococo Oil

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A Small Batch, Raw Process From Start To Finish

Our process begins with the hand cracking and quality inspection, nut per nut by our coconut experts. We single source nuts from our own farm, and only choose those that have the best quality for our oil. They are then wet milled within minutes of having been cracked, again by hand and motor and swiftly make their way to our drying terrace.

Raw, Gentle Hand Drying

The fresh milled nuts are quickly placed on our low-heat, stainless steel driers. Here, our drying specialists gently work the meal until it is ready to be pressed into delicious DME oil. The drying terrace is certainly the funniest place to work, with our ladies often seen drying to the rhythm of bachata music playing on our stereo!  This area is special to us, as 100% of the specialists working here are female and the vast majority of them are single moms. The temperature of the meal never exceeds 115 Fahrenheit, staying raw and locking in all its natural properties

Energy Sustainable 

Our low heat driers are 100% powered by leftover coconut shells. But doesn’t this flame mean high temperature?  Actually no.  Only the first couple of feet of our driers have ever seen any direct heat! The fresh milled coconut stays raw on top of our driers, at or below 115 Fahrenheit!  The low heat profile comes through deliciously in the mild taste of our product.

Dr. Dan’s Magic Press

Definitely the coolest part of our process when our ladies finish working their magic, it is then time for Dr. Dan’s fantastic press. The only one of its kind, our DME press is entirely hand operated and heat free.  It does not require much pressure at all to see the beautiful stream of pure virgin coconut oil start to weep down its sides. With this exciting view of clear DME oil, our entire production process is completed.  From the first cracked nut, to its finality on the press, less than one hour will have passed. This is the most natural and best tasting VCO we have ever tried.  We hope that you’ll agree!

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