SoloCoco Completes First Housing Assistance for Single Mother Family

It is tremendously important to our SoloCoco family that our products have deep social impact.  It is this fundamental purpose that has kept us pushing through the developmental hurdles in connecting our to products you.

When we chose to champion the cause of single mother hardships in the DR; we had no idea how terribly widespread the impact of this social condition was.  In 2015, 89% of all children born in the country were born to SM.  The data is clear on their future; they are afforded less opportunity, receive less education and enter the workforce much younger… repeating this vicious cycle of poverty.

Many of these children live in very poor sanitary conditions which only makes the issue of missing out on education worse; as they get held out of school due to repeated illness and eventually get left behind.

Mikaela came to us a young woman with no training and a real sense of hopelessness.  Today, she is a floor supervisor at our operation and it is a real pleasure to share these pictures with you.  This is a codeveloped initiative that through FairTSA has brought her and her child out of unsanitary conditions and into her own home.

This is possible because of people like you; who understand that social business can be a real force of change in the world… so from Mikaela and the entire family:  Thank you and keep coconutting!

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