SoloCoco Launches at Whole Foods North Atlantic!

Samplings Done By Part Of The Solococo Family and Friends

Certainly an exciting trip, our family business had a wonderful debut at the cream of the crop of supermarkets… Whole Foods!  Pretty soon you’ll find SoloCoco at many of your WF stores!

Gaby and I traveled to Boston where we personally conducted samples at the flagship North Atlantic store at Lynnfield.  The team members at WF were amazing, they gave us the star treatment and even showed us their rooftop farm.  They grow some of the produce sold at the store on the roof!  Amazing.

We made one of our signature specialties – SoloCoco Coffee.

SoloCoco Coffee is the ideal, delicious way to take our pure VCO as a supplement without having to take a pure tablespoon.

Solococo Coffee

1 8oz cup of freshly brewed coffee of your preference
1 Tablespoon of SoloCoco
Your preference of sweetener – we love coconut sugar in this.

1. Pour all of the ingredients into a blender.
2. Make sure the lid is tight!
3. Blend for 20 seconds.
4.  Enjoy the best cup of, dairy-free, vegan, metabolism boosting, brain busting, incredibly delicious, coffee you’ll ever have!

A Few Pictures To Share.

You know we love to share pics!  While in Boston we had the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Fuchshofen, Director of the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance and his lovely wife Silke.

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